Dettol Power Kitchen Cleaner with Trigger, 100% Grease Removal, 500ml

Dettol Power Kitchen Cleaner with Trigger, 100% Grease Removal, 500ml

RSP*: AED 18.85
(VAT not included)

Size: 500 ml

Type of Selection
  • FOR COMMERCIAL KITCHENS :  Dettol Power Kitchen Cleaner provides a trusted level of protection for commercial kitchens like restaurant kitchens, school messes, office kitchens, etc.
  • MULTI-ACTION POWER CLEANER :  Dettol Kitchen Cleaner keeps your kitchen neat and hygienic by killing 99.9% of germs
  • 100% GREASE REMOVAL :  Unique formula to cut through tough grease and grime
  • SPARKLING SHINE :  Leaves a sparkling shine when applied on the surface
  • TRIGGER SPRAY BOTTLE :  Comes in a convenient bottle with a spray bottle
  • TRUSTED LEVEL OF PROTECTION FOR YOUR KITCHENS :  Can be used on kitchen sinks, stove top, kitchen shelf, fridge, etc.

A clean and fresh bathroom is a true reflection of your workplace. Dettol Power Bathroom Cleaner can provide a trusted level of protection for bathrooms at business places that require frequent disinfection, like offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, and other commercial places. For bright-clean and spotless surfaces with germ protection, choose Dettol Bathroom Cleaner. It kills 99.9% of germs, keeping your bathroom fresh and clean. This bathroom spray has a unique formula specially formulated to 100% remove tough bathroom dirt like soap scum and limescale. The cleaning spray comes in a convenient trigger spray bottle with a long-lasting and fresh fragrance. Wipe off that hard dirt in the bathroom with Dettol!

Usage Instructions :

  • Turn the nozzle to ON position.
  • Keep the bottle upright & spray from 20-25cm away.
  • Leave for up to 5 minutes, wipe clean, and then rinse.
  • Always test on an inconspicuous area for 5 minutes before use.
  • For sensitive skin, the use of glove is recommended.

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