Air Wick Freshmatic Autospray Refill, Oud, Lasts Up To 70 Days*, 250 ml

Air Wick Freshmatic Autospray Refill, Oud, Lasts Up To 70 Days*, 250 ml

RSP*: AED 32.37
(VAT not included)

Size: 250 ml

Type of Selection
  • FRESHMATIC AUTOSPRAY REFILL :   Enjoy fresh fragrance with Air Wick Freshmatic Autospray Refill
  • REFRESH ANY SPACE :  Give a welcoming touch to your business like offices, schools, non-acute hospital areas, hotels and other commercial places
  • GREAT FRAGRANCE :  Fill any space with an aromatic essence of oud
  • LASTS UP TO 70 DAYS* :  This air freshener spray refill lasts up to 70 days* when used on the lowest setting
  • NEUTRALIZES ODOR :  Air Wick freshener refill neutralizes odor 24*7

Enhance the ambience of your workplace with Air Wick Freshmatic Autospray refills. This air freshener refill releases bursts of continuous fresh fragrance for up to 70 days* so your workplace always smells welcoming. Freshmatic refills are compatible with all the Freshmatic gadgets available in a range of fragrances. Delight the senses of your customers and employees with aromatic lavender essence and gentle chamomile that neutralizes odor 24*7, giving a welcoming touch to any space.


  • Before inserting this aerosol refill check that your automatic device switch is in the OFF position.
  • Direct the device away from the face before switching on.
  • When it is switched on, the device will automatically spray after 15 seconds. *based on lowest setting when used with the new Air Wick Freshmatic Device

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